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Thread: I need help with 2 things PLEASE!!!

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    Exclamation I need help with 2 things PLEASE!!!

    ok so the other day i tried to hack my friends wii cause i did it
    well he had 4.2u so it was a long couple hours
    anyways i told him we should downgrade it and get it to 4.1u like mine
    anyways we downgraded it to 3.2 and when we upgraded it said it was done and all of a sudden it goes to a black screen im like wtf he said it was ok thankfully but i still wanna fix it
    but anyways my questions is how do you fix the black screen error
    and i didnt get a backup of the NAND
    just please help
    and my second question is i have the latest cIOS38 rev14 on my wii but i cant get my backup disk to work
    any help there would also be appreciated please

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    You say you downgraded it, I didn't think that was possible, quote from Messies's guide,
    Also, no way to downgrade for now, so hang in there.

    When do you get a black screen?

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    well i downgraded it 3.2 and got it to 4.1 and as soon as we did the 4.1 update it said press any button to restart and when i did that it instantly went to a black screen
    i get it when i turn the wii on and then it does nothing
    do you think a certain boot disk would work
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    k thx ill let you know if it works


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