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Thread: what size should i buy my sd card?

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    Us what size should i buy my sd card?

    hey guys, i'm just looking for suggestions.

    i'm looking to add a lot of roms, emulators, and other popular apps. just wondering, how big i should go for? i was considering 8gb sandisk sdhc for 20 bucks on amazon. is that too much space or just right?

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    i was gonna say 2G
    but if you think you can fill the 8G go for it
    better have extra then need more right?

    i use a 1G and i have alots of stuff on it,if that helps

    If someone helps you,remember to thank them!

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    Sandisc 2GB is more compatible with everything but you might get lucky with 8GB, just don't be upset when it doesn't work with [insert homebrew app here]
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