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Thread: Problems with switching from a HD Flat Screen to a SD CRT TV on Wii.

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    Us Problems with switching from a HD Flat Screen to a SD CRT TV on Wii.

    I have a soft-modded Wii, 4.1U first off. We have a HDTV in our Computer Room that I usually use to play the Wii, but my family likes to use it to play on the computer. I have a SDTV CRT in my room. When I hook up my Wii into it, my BootMii doesnt show up. When i hit the reset button to go through it, it goes to the Wii menu like normal. But whenever I get into the Emulators on the Homebrew Channel, the whole tv goes black. The tv says that there is no signal. All of my Emulators and ROMs work fine on the HDTV. Just wondering if any of yall have had this problem and know how I could go about fixing it?

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    Are you forcing an incompatible screen mode with bootmii and the other stuff that your crt can't display?
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    Reinstall bootmii on that tv. It should reset its screen settings. I use my wii on an acient TV from 10+ years ago. I'm sure it fixes its settings to the resolution of the TV it uses.

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    for bootmii you can change the bootmii ini file on your sd card from progressive to ntsc.

    same for the others


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