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Thread: Best way to Soft mod my Wii 3.2e

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    Best way to Soft mod my Wii 3.2e

    Ok, ive been searching around for the past day on the best method to soft mod my wii with the intention of attaching my USB hard drive to play my backups from it. Just needed some advice on if i should update it to 4.2 before i mod it or leave it at 3.2e? Also to soft mod it i was going to follow this guide

    If someone could confirm im looking in the right place it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    thats a fantastic guide..... i would softmod it and leave it at 3.2......

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    What will i need to do to allow it to read backups from my USB HDD? is there a guide i have over looked?

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    Sorry to keep asking simple questions but i was just going through the steps of the guide i linked earlier and i reached this section;

    3. GET A CIOS

    You may want to check this video before you do this stage. The only difference is that you can select 'load IOS from SD card' instead of download from NUS.

    a) Go to Homebrew channel and run Trucha Bug Restorer, load IOS36, press 1, read the warnings then select 'downgrade IOS15', select to load IOS from SD card then let it do its job, keep an eye on what it is doing and make sure you select 'load from sd card' when it asks & don't get any errors.

    b) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, this time select to load IOS15 on first screen using dpad left/right, then select the IOS36 menu & install patched (select 'yes' on all 3 patches) IOS36 to slot 36, again using IOS from SD card.

    c) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, load IOS36 and this time select restore IOS15.

    d) Run cIOS38 r14 installer, select IOS36 as the one it should use and then select wad install.

    My question was, seeing i am running version 3.2e, the Trucha bug is still there? so is there is no need to downgrade to IOS15 then install the patched IOS36 and then restore IOS15? would i go straight to step d)? or should i follow all the steps regardless

    thanks in advance


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