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Thread: Issues with burnt wii games..

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    Ca Issues with burnt wii games..

    I have a few burnt backup copies and each of them have issues.

    wii play, used to work fine, now it won't even load up, just goes straight to unable to read disc screen,

    nfs nitro, works sometimes and randomly gives unable to read disc screen, same with mario & sonic winter olympics.

    I have wii system ver 4.2, and followed the guide for hacking 4.2 system on this site.

    am i missing something or is it in my burning process maybe?

    I burnt them all at 6x (slowest nero will let me) on memorex dvd-r


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    maybe try and burn it with img burn it will allow to burn at 2.4 speed just a thought

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    I will try that thanks, I also noticed i was using memorex +r instead of -r so i picked up some -r discs


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