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Thread: need help loading big brain academy

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    Question need help loading big brain academy

    Hi. I got a wii ntsc soft mod with the latest cIOS38 R14. I downloaded a PAL version of big brain academy and it loads but in black and white so I forced NTSC but the game freezes into a green screen. I tried downloading a NTSC copy but when I load it then the game freezes into a black screen. I tried using neogamma R7, coverfloader and usb loader gx all with the same result. Hope you can help me. Is there something I should be doing or installing for he game to load? thanks

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    might wanna try IOS 222 or 223 ... could be that

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    Have the same issue. Will let you know if I discover anything useful.

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    I found a ntsc-u iso from hippyfreaks awesome iso post on tehparadox site.

    Brickblocked it with Wi U 1.1 Using usb loader gx v828.
    video = autopatch,ios249,error 002 fix=no
    working like a charm

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    thanx! Seems to be working well. Mine would go black every once in a while in the middle of playing.


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