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Thread: 2 wiimotes on SNES9X???

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    Question 2 wiimotes on SNES9X???

    I've looked everywhere and tried whatever I could, but, I can't seem to get the 2nd wiimote to work with snes9x. Its the latest version. I am able to have both controllers on before I start the emulator, but once the menu comes up the 2nd wiimote turns off. any help?

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    fiddle around with your settings when you start the emulator. The 2nd gamepade might be set to GC as default.
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    you haver to sync your motes before starting the emulator, with the red buttons on them and under the SD card slot

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    holy guac!!! Thanks guys! Messie, we didnt even know about those little buttons on the wiimote! I just hacked my roomates wii and your reply caused us to scream, lock hands and dance in circles! haha We're 24yrs old. Go figure!
    Thank you SO much!

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    lol so am i and so did i when i learned it!! i wish i had a roomy to, my stupid brother does not want to play with me

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