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Thread: install "usbloader gx" on 4.2E

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    install "usbloader gx" on 4.2E

    Hi (I am a newbie)
    Have just installed hbc on my wii (went fine)
    After that I tryed to install "usb loader gx".
    I have downloadet the prog and put it on the SD cart and I can see it in the hbc menu, but when I try to run "usb loader gx" nothing is happening.

    What can I do / what do I have to do ???

    Please help



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    Thanks for the help

    Thanks for the help, it just worked (after some time) .

    Now I have a new problem

    when I connect my usb harddisk to the WII console via the USB port on the back, the picture on my tv is starting to flickering a little.

    When I draw out the usb connector from my USB HD the flicker stops ?!?!?

    Maybee it is some potencial differences in my supply to the WII and the USB HD (they are not supplyed from the same outlet).

    Just wondering

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    I've come across this same problem recently on someone elses Wii. Is the hard drive older or have a pretty big power supply? It's almost like the USB is carrying too much power because of the huge power supply.

    I find that USB powered hard drives [like the WD Passport drives] work the best overall. Although I never did try my WD My Book to see if that does the same thing. I myself use an older 120gb Western Digital Passport, and I get no flickering or power jumps.

    And please, Anyone else run into this kinda problem, leave your two cents about it.
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