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Thread: WasabiDX + USB loader = Error 002

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    WasabiDX + USB loader = Error 002

    I would appreciate any help about the error that I'm getting, but first I'll tell you what I have:
    Wii console PAL version 4.1E
    Modchip WasabiDX - atleast this is what I asked to be installed
    USB loader from TeknoConsole 1.5
    And there is a NeoGamma Softchip also installed for testing.

    The issue is that some games works fine when loading them streight through the USB Loader (like Guitar Hero World Tour).
    But when I try to load a game like "Wii Fit Plus" from the USB Loader I get Error 002. Testing the same game from the SoftChip it works loading it from the HDD.
    BTW, I've tried WiiScrubber and there is no Error 002 in "Wii Fit Plus" so I cannot apply any fix to it too.

    So these are my questions:
    1. how can i be sure that the WasabiDX is installed (without openning the console
    2. Why do I get the Error 002 loading the game with the WasabiDX, is there something to configure?

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    try playing a dvd backup in your wii or accessing the wasabidx see if theres a wasabidx in your

    002 is a problem not related to the modchip

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