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Thread: Some help running metroid trilogy

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    Some help running metroid trilogy

    Hey guys well, i am trying to run metroid prime trilogy with usb loader gx. Can anyone tell me the exact settings to put on. Because i keep getting a black screen even after making a save file. And it's not a missing ios problem since i can run it just fine using neogamma. I just prefer the GUI of Usb loader gx. Any help will be appreciated.

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    i think you have to use the alt .dol thing haven't played in awhile

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    set alt.dol to 'disc' then select the dol that corresponds to the game you want to play (1,2, or 3)

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    When i go to the alt dol options on usb loader gx it just gives me the option between default and selected dol, it doesn't give an option to set alt dol to i missing something?

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    Yup. In the latest usb gx version, it doesnt give u the option to "load from disc".
    I wanna load the game through a usb ehd.


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