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Thread: Nba 2k10

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    Exclamation Nba 2k10

    Hi Guys,

    Have any you guys download Wii NBA2K10? i download and I got dump file error. Is that a bad game? Thanks

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    The game freezes and after couple of minutes , the sound effects are gone, so I don't know maybe somebody will fix it, hopefully.I tried IOS249, IOS222 m load, IOS223 m load , didn't help , so ...
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    thanks anyway

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    where did you get if from?

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    at BitTorrent website

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    Quote Originally Posted by equate View Post
    at BitTorrent website

    i cant find it : /

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    sorry stupid me. it a ps2 game. man am i blind.

    wii ntsc:: BitTorrentMonster

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    I got it from piratebay

    I have the same problem after a minute or so the background music and stuff goes away. I can continue to play. However, if I select the home button the game freezes.

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    I have the same problem with freezing and background noise, and always freezes when I hit home. Tried all the IOS loading options as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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    there are a few new releases to hit the scene. dunno if they are better or not? hopefully someone fixed the problem and these will be ok. if i hear something i will post back...

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