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Thread: game DVD loader problem

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    Question game DVD loader problem

    hey again,

    i had a problem with the preloader and so i used a tutorial to get rid of it which it ended up downgrading my wii from 4.0u to 3.2u. everything was working fine, then i tried to load the preloader again so i could use the softmii, and it messed up again. So i reinstalled the software that got it to 3.2u and now the gaming channel doesnt work. it says i need an update.

    is there a way i could get around that?

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    if his helps, i have narrowed it down to that the disk loading channel can run because its regionfree, is there a way that i could fix it so it will read regionfree?

    (if ur wondering, i found it out loading the wii menu from homebrew and turned on the regionfree channels and regionfree games and it worked)


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