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    Fiest timecaller long time listener. Have been running wiikey (original) for couple of years, just installed Homebrew channel, pretty awesome. I really like having these new channels on the wii channel, so far I have usb loader, homebrew browser. I want to add the wii earth but cant seem to find the wad, where is a good place to find wads, including this one. Also any info on adding wads to games would be great.

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    Here is a good resource for everything .wad WADder News

    As far as WiiEarth, you should be able to download it from the Homebrew Browser [or are you asking for a foreworder to WiiEarth so it shows up in your channels?]

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    yes, I am looking to put channels on the wii channels, a forewarder, but isnt that what wads do?


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