ok i been doing alot of readings and new to the wii myself and the whole mod thing...i have xbox 360 thats modded i fully understand how that works..but for the wii it's too me..I know that i can brick my wii or semi brick if theres a different region game that i update..But i just want a modded wii and region lock my wii so that could never happen or just use the wiiblocker(thats if i ever play a PAL game...but my main question is i have heart set on a wiikey but not for sure if i can get that installed in my wii due to serial numbers...The firmware updates anyone know about that i heard that theres only the wiikey and the some other one that are good right now...if i mod my wii cause it a 3.2U if the next one comes up do i just wait to hear the news like the xbox 360???