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Thread: Mod chip causing problems with neogamma

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    Mod chip causing problems with neogamma

    Hi all.

    My wii has a mod chip that cant play every game. I sofmoded the wii using this guide...

    Further to this, I installed this optional cIOScorp 3.5 for DVDR loading through Disc Channel. This helped load pal games through disk channel that wouldn't previously load.

    Problem is that since the sys menu is v3.3e, I can't enable a region free hack. Also, neogamma isn't working properly and I beleive that the failures I'm getting from neogamma are caused by the mod chip so atm I can't boot ntsc games easily.

    Here's what happens.

    Neogamma is just installed. It plays any game for a few attempts.
    Something changes and neogamma starts to refuse to boot any games. It just locks up or times out.
    It also starts to lockup similar to the BSoD when trying to exit neogamma. Ie, neogamma menu onscreen but lockup like BSoD that requires the mains plug to be pulled.
    So I uninstall neogamma then reinstall.
    It works just fine for a few attempts then starts to fail again.

    Point is I can't get neogamma to work perminantly. It also usualy goes into this perminant fault status after trying and failing to read a disk.

    Now, the disks I'm using are just fine. I have a second wii in house atm ( my m8's ) that DOESN'T have a mod chip, only the above mentioned sofmod config. It has the same system software and all programs and games work amazingly well with it as does neogamma, every time. No hang ups, flaws or restrictions.

    I'm lost with this and a bit confused. I'm certain that it's the modchip thats causing my problems but can't find a way round it for now. Where this holds me back is that I can't play ntsc games. The console is still region locked because I can't boot ntsc through neogamma. ( well I can if I regularly uninstall then reinstall neogamma )

    Anyone got any advice on either how to fix neogamma or how to boot region free on my console?
    Please excuse me if the answer to this is odviouse and I've missed it. I'm still a noob to all this.

    Oh, and I realise I should probably update the system software on it to enable the preloader hacks but I'm unsure on how to do that without bricking the wii or destroying the sofmod.
    I'm reading into that atm though as I figure it would be the best way around this.

    Edit: The reason for me believing that it's the chip thats causing faults with neogamma is that neogamma fails right after selecting "load game from dvd". It hangs after that and is unable to analyse the disk. I beleive that the chip is messing with neogamma's atempt to analyse the disk.
    Fyi, once neogamma fails it does that with any disk. Including the ones that can be boot from disk channel at every attempt.
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