Hello all,

First of all I am very new to this, maybe this has been covered already, I did search for the keyword TrueCrypt and found nothing...

Using truecrypt to create virtual encrypted drives, I have discovered it is possible to format them with WBFS and move wii files to/from them.
When creating a drive with Truecrypt, it actually just creates a file on the filesystem and presents it as a drive to the OS.

This is what I used to validate this works.

Truecrypt to create a 20GB drive.
WBFSManager to format and move wii backups.
a 64GB ocz rally2 USB stick

This is what I did.

Created a 20GB NTFS drive using TrueCrypt and mounted it as drive W (any free drive letter is fine)
Note: When creating using truecrypt, select the "Large Files" option, this then defaults to creating a NTFS drive

Formated my USB stick to NTFS

Loaded wbfsManager and used it to:

1. formatted the 20GB W: drive to WBFS and loaded it.
2. Copied some wii iso backups onto the 20GB drive.
3. selected and formatted the 64GB USB drive to WBFS
4. Loaded 20GB W: drive as the main and 64GB USB as the 2nd drive
5. Clicked on the Clone button to copy everything

Note: Before step 4 I had to restart wbfsManager

Tested the USB stick in a hacked wii (3.4 used the tut on this site ), worked perfectly.

This means people can have WBFS drives of any size as a single files on their PC...
Maybe some people will find this convenient, so I am sharing the knowledge