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Thread: A korean Pre-Hacked wii in India.Newbie

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    Question A korean Pre-Hacked wii in India.Newbie

    Hello people, I'm quiet new to wii hacking although I am used to XBOX 360 hacks but wii is something entirely different. Much complicated I must say. I am stuck in a very difficult situations which I am going to debrief now

    1)I bought a wii in India, here in the Grey Market you get a Korean wii

    2) This wii has system menu 4.0u, and came with hacks
    Homebrew Channel
    ios36 v2.55.255

    SoftCHip Loader

    neo gamma R6(REV 13)
    Gamma Loader-WiiGator
    Modifications-Wii Power

    cIOS 249 rev 13

    Now i'm stuck in a situation where my wii isn't entirely fresh, I'm not at the starting point so i cannot rollback and study what and how does wii gets this things, although I want to.

    Problem Identification------

    1) From what i learnt from google is, in order to start hacking, I have to start with Zelda(T.P) and a SD mem card.
    The problem I face here is---- I have a 2gb MIcro SD card with MOTOROla adaptor to make it standard size.
    I put the card in the sd slot with power on/off but the wii says "Nothing inserted" i.e is my memory card is not read. I have tried all format fat16/fat32/ntfs.Mem card is working ok with all other devices. I have also tried 1gb micro sd

    2) Since i cannot use sd card, i do not wanna format wii's nand memory cause if there is something defected in sd card slot then i will render my wii useless i suppose.

    3)Since i have neo gamma, I have tried using usb drive Transend 4 gb formatted to WBFS using WBFS Manager 3.0 downloaded Ghost Buster, Wii Sport Resort transferred it to USB drive but neo gamma is not able to load the game(extracted iso file).I safely remove the pen drive.I do not use any special settings in Neo Gamma

    4) I have downloaded Wii usb loader , but since it is also installed using sd card, i cannot install it on wii.

    5)Although i have furnished information like REV,cios etc, I do not well understand its true meaning so while replying consider me as a newbie.

    Only Good thing----

    I can play burned games, and I downloaded and burned Punch out, although it sometimes gives an eroor but other time it is booted.It is scrubbed.


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    ummm... Dude if you wii is korean why is it on a North America system menu????

    From the looks of it, all your stuff is just outdated. You just need to update your ios's so that the newer games can work. The only way for you get all this stuff is using an sd card. The wii is picky with some of its sd cards. You should get SanDisk as your sd card instead. Seeing how your on system menu 4.0, look up dogeggs 3.1-4.1 softmod any wii tutorial and get all your homebrew stuff back up-to-date and it should work. The twilight Princesss hack is out of date as well.
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    Well I'm not going to update the system menu from 4.0 u cause I think that isn't required. Besides that, I sorted the SD card problem. The problem with my card slot was that it has to be pushed harder inside.It pops out, so to put this to an end i folded a paper and put it in then sealed the outside of the slot i.e cover with white tape. Now it is sitting well tucked inside.Amen.

    Now the problem is with upgrading the other soft hacks.

    My next question is,

    1)the WII's wifi card just like PS3 and PSP which can only connect via Gateway only not a wifi card on computer acting like gateway. ex laptop or netgear wifi card?

    2)Do soft hacks upgrade themselves via internet?

    3)If I let wii be connected to internet, will it auto upgrade the firmware and give me the nasty 4.2. Cause i read somewhere that if you upgrade a Korean wii having US or some other region system menu then it will surely BRICK!!!!!!

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    I also own a Korean Wii which was pre soft modded. It was running 3.2u when I got it and I've managed to get it to 4.1E following the make your Wii a virgin tutorial and then the 'New 3.1-4.1 softmod for any Wii' tutorial. I don't have a problem running any game (including Mario Bros Wii) with USB LoaderGX. No need for 4.2 yet, I don't think.
    As far as I know your Wii can connect to the internet through a laptop connection. Do a little googling.

    "softhacks" as you say do not automatically update although Homebrew Channel, Preloader and others tell you if an update is available and allow you to easily download and install the update.

    Your Wii shouldn't automatically update its firmware but some games may automatically install an ios I believe.

    I'm pretty new to this so please verify the info before you carry on.

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    One thing I'm sure is that no gaming conso;e can use Internet being shared by windows through wireless card. I was successful to pass internet to Windows mobile ppc(search me at XDA Developer) but it's not possible either in Ad hoc mode or As gateway or even as a matter of fact through WMWIFI router. It has to be a hardware router/wifi modem. MY PS3 nor PSP and now even wii doesn't connects via computer wifi card(i.c.s)

    Secondly i need Internet to update only my HBC which actually is updated online, safest and most reliable method.If i try to update it offline it can be using BOOT mii,link, at boot mii's site. But the problem is it ask for installation method 1)wad 2)network...Network is out of question now i have only WAD available.SO i put wad manager in my sd card, but what i can't comprehend is don't I need a wad file also??Whcih by the way is not supplied at boot mii site. Plus boot mii site has boot.elf which has to be reeconstructed to boot.dol

    This being said, I am now using neo gamma 6 , pre installed, with a 40 gb PATA hardisk. with only a IDE to usb cable and a power adapter!O.M.G its a Chinese product and if you see it you'll laugh your head off!!Only Rs 450 or $ 10!

    But alas, out of 4 games -
    -grand slam tennis(pal)----Loads till Grand Slam Title screen and freezes
    -ghost buster(ntsc)-------Loads till the point where wii tells you to have ample space and tighten your wrist
    -punch out(ntsc)---------Works fine.Hangs once in a while
    -wii sports resort (jap)----error #002

    So, i'm learning and i'm learning quick. Will crack this thing like my Jasjam and xbox 360!

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    Ahh and yes...No point of updating. I already have 4.0u i.e HDSC SD card support!

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    Right ubs works with booting games from mass storage device while left usb does not works. All you need is a custom ios 38. No need of even updating neo gamma or hbc. Works ok, but not quiet a performer. Will let you know if any thing new happens.

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