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Thread: Solderless mod chip

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    Solderless mod chip

    I'm thinking of installing a solderless mod chip but not sure which is the best to go for eg. firmware updateable etc.

    I'm fairly new to this but have manaaged to install homebrew channels etc and advice on which chip to buy.


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    DriveKey is matured, and something new is coming out soon.....
    browse those modchip sites for ur information

    talking abt solderless, personally i strongly object to use "clip-type" interconnect.
    a good solderless solution is the "flat-cable-type" interconnect.

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    I have the wiikey2 and never had any trouble with it. Mines is soldered though. You can also check out the wasabi zero. Here are two links for them.
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    Been looking at the Sunkey modchip but not sure if firmware is upgradeable and friend says there are better ones but more expensive. He mentioned wasabi and drivekey.


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