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Thread: SSBB (JP) on US system

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    SSBB (JP) on US system

    Was just curious if anyone had a fully working SSBB burned. The issue I am having is some video gives me a disc read error. Ejecting the disc, reinserting it and quickly pressing "+" does the trick. I even burned at 2x on another disc and more of the videos seem to work. Was just wondering if anyone had any flawless burns and what media/burner they ended up using. I have had this issue to some extent on some XBOX360 games as well, however the game never did crash, as it did with brawl. Brawl has never crashed in gameplay mode, so I am faily happy with it, just would like to see some of the videos that I have been missing out on!
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    I should note that I am speaking of the dual layer version of the games (full game)
    I don't have torrent site invites...


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