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Thread: Burning ISO to disk failing

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    Burning ISO to disk failing

    I've tried to burn a couple of iso's to disk but when it gets to around 30% it comes up that there a data error: cyclic redundancy check. I've tried on two different iso's at first i though it was corrupt but now on the second one as well I'm not sure. I've burnt to disc's before using the same disc and program. I tried using Nero and ImgBurn. And I've used Verbatim and sony dvd-r and no difference some help please?

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    it might be that your burning your iso at a too high a speed have you tryd burning at a lower speed 4x or 2x i might be wrong as i am a newbie myself but when i had the same problem i got told to burn at a slower speed.

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    Or if you've used it a whole lot your dvd burner could be dying. I've had a couple go out on me cause I use them so much. Just an idea.

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    On nero i burn at x4 its the lowest i can go. On imgburn i click x1 but it overides it and goes at like x18. My dvd burner dying is actually a good idea had it for ages and used it quite a bit i look more about this

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkmailturds View Post
    Or if you've used it a whole lot your dvd burner could be dying. I've had a couple go out on me cause I use them so much. Just an idea.
    Agreed, burners don't last forever.

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    I got that error, cyclic redundancy check, when trying to read bad discs, movies that were burnt on cheap media and the burn was done about 3-4 years ago. I guess that cheap media don't last forever either. If you're getting the error at the same location on the burn every time you may have some crap in your DVD burner causing the error at the same exact point in the burning process every time. Probably time for a new burner.

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    I'm looking into a new dvd burner but might just start using a usb. Also when I scanned the harddrive it said there was some errors but if I repaired it might lose data and I had no where to back up so I didn't. Is there any way to tell if its the harddrive or the dvd burner. Spose Ill just try burning something else
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    I just tried burning a movie and it worked though the buffer was going every from 100% dropping to 50% then to 10% then back up dunno if that means anything. Starting to think maybe its the harddrive. And because its over 4gb i cant put them on to my external. Thinking about backing one of them up and partitioning it but not really sure how to


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