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Thread: New Super Mario Bros crash (question)

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    New Super Mario Bros crash (question)

    i have a question for all you advanced people on wii.

    wii spec:
    3.4E firmware
    no softmods at all
    the wii is virgin i think you could call it (no channels other then the default)
    drivekey modchip

    few days ago i got New Super Mario Bros and burnt it and put it into my wii and it played no problem. then i played need for speed nitro and it wanted to update my wii so i let it.

    now when i put in New Super Mario Bros disc it instantly shows a blackscreen error.

    current firmware 3.4E
    old firmaware unknown

    i guess my question is did need for speed update my firmware and cause New Super Mario Bros not to work OR what happened?

    i told this to my mod installer and he said this to me

    >>>>>>>>>>> hi rick I have a question about the wii mod.
    >>>>>>>>>>> its been playing backups no problem but sometimes it wont load
    >>>>>>>>>>> the
    >>>>>>>>>>> game
    >>>>>>>>>>> and
    >>>>>>>>>>> I have to do a reset of the wii to get the game to boot. I hired
    >>>>>>>>>>> a
    >>>>>>>>>>> game
    >>>>>>>>>>> from
    >>>>>>>>>>> video shop (need for speed nitro) as my kids were playing they
    >>>>>>>>>>> put
    >>>>>>>>>>> it
    >>>>>>>>>>> in
    >>>>>>>>>>> and
    >>>>>>>>>>> it would not run and said the wii needed updated to play the
    >>>>>>>>>>> game,
    >>>>>>>>>>> unshore
    >>>>>>>>>>> what to do I let it do the update and the game worked, but now
    >>>>>>>>>>> when
    >>>>>>>>>>> I
    >>>>>>>>>>> try
    >>>>>>>>>>> and play the new wii super mario bros game the wii blackscreen
    >>>>>>>>>>> errors
    >>>>>>>>>>> soon
    >>>>>>>>>>> as I insert the disc
    >>>>>>>>>>> but b4 the wii updated from need for speed wii super mario bros
    >>>>>>>>>>> played
    >>>>>>>>>>> fine.

    his replys are below

    >>>> hey , no worries , thats correct 4.2 kills the region free function of
    >>>> the
    >>>> chip , and im pritty sure the only way to get an update is off the disk

    >> 4.1 will fix the problems that the eairlier firmware had , just dont go
    >> to
    >> 4.2

    from reading this board for hours i can think of a few things but want a experts opinion how to get this fixed.

    all my backups work except for about 4 out of 27

    im not even shore if updating to 4.1 firmware will even fix my problem.

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    This is a really comprehensive guide, should sort you out.

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    ok i better add that i do not have internet access for the wii

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    i gotta ask something as so many before i have a pal machine and a pal version of this game and it wants to update is it safe to do so will it destroy my Wii or make the chip useless?


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