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Thread: got ahead of myself...

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    got ahead of myself...

    ok ill explain this as detailed as i can running sys 4.1 .....can access preloader and homebrew channel from preloader and from sys menu running ios 249 250 38...few others...

    (two hombrew channels installed the one installed to wii is upside down i understand that to fix this i simply reinstall ok thats not my problem)

    . ...only ios ones available are ios 50, 38,,53,55,....... 60 (patched??i dont know...but it dont load)......4,9,256,257,250 ,249 ,11,12,13,17,21,14,20,22,28,30,31,33,24,35,10, some load some dont...lower onesdont seem to not load ...all i want to do is start not sure if ios 36 missing is a big issue...all i know is i cant follow the tutorial to make your wii a virgin is cuz it requires ios 36....i tried to run nand to restore but it says sys dump file belongs to another wii...but it dosnt i just dumped it yesterday ...just post info u need to know if anyone wants to try to help me out....not sure when i started getting frustrated and screwing stuff up but it happened...i just wanna ...start over

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    As you already have homebrew, I think thos guide is the best and simplest.

    If you already have Homebrew, upgrade to 4.1 written by Dogeggs

    Make sure you follow it all.

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    i was wondering ....if i deleted ios60 that would brick my wii it ok to uninstall ios60 and reinstall ios60 patch...isthat the full ios or just patching the ios60 already installed

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    Best not to uninstall anything. Install the new one it will wtite over the old.
    Follow the guide, don't just pick out details, make sure all steps are complete.
    All the ios's you need can be downloaded from guide.


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