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Thread: New Super Mario Bros Wii game update

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    New Super Mario Bros Wii game update


    can anyone help me? I have a moded Wii with system 4.1E and do not want to upgrade to 4.2 as it will brick my Wii... I have just purchased the new Super Mario Bros Wii and as soon as I loaded the disk, it prompted me for an update... Is there any way around this, so I dont have to upgrade my Wii?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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    Its probably due to an out of date IOS.

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    from what ive been reading you will have to use homebrew and load it via usb loader or some other loader.

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    Heres the rquired IOS info.

    New Super Mario Bros Wii...............IOS53 v5406

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    Im new to this so bare with me if I dont get what you are saying lol... and I dont! I managed to upgrade my IOS to IOS61 on 4.1E. I was able to update my Wii Shop channel with out up grading.

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    There are multiple ios's that you have to install. When you say that you upgraded your ios to ios61, that doesnt mean you have the required ios 53 that Favs posted. You have to have multiple ios's to play different games.
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    I am using Dop-IOS and have IOS 53 v5406, and am using Menu 4.2U. I also have the original disc (not burned) and when i load it it is asking me to update. How do i get around this????

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    Block the disc update using Priiloader.

    The game disc will also have several other IOS, even though the game doesn't use them, which will trigger the game update.

    Analyse the disc using wiiscrubber and install any IOS that are higher than the ones you have on your Wii. DOP-IOS can give you version information on all your IOS.
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