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Thread: Upgrading from 3.4U with DriveKey

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    Upgrading from 3.4U with DriveKey

    haven't messed with my Wii in about 3 or 4 months as far as upgrading goes. just wondering what is the technique used currently for firmware upgrading Wiis with actual modchips not softmods. thanks a lot

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    I you have Homebrew working the second guide here is the best. It will take you to 4.1.

    If you are starting from scratch, new 3.1-4.1 written by Dogeggs

    If you already have Homebrew, upgrade to 4.1 written by Dogeggs

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    thanks a lot. yeah homebrew channel is already installed just don't know where i saved the files from the SD card haha but owell. thanks looks like its a lot easier to upgrade nowadays!


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