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Thread: Super Mario Bros Wii. in Black and White

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    Super Mario Bros Wii. in Black and White

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and thread! YAY!
    Anyways, don't worry, I have read all the musts and important tuts
    So I followed davepm's excellent NSMB guide using a SD card.
    But, when I load it using Neogamma, the game plays in black and white. I used Neogamma because SD/USB Loader would only give me a green screen.
    I also would like to know if it's true that you can't burn it to a disk instead?
    Please reply quickly, and thank you so much!
    PS: I'm extemely sorry if this is the wrong thread or a real noobish question, as I have searched all over the site but couldn't find a solution.

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    the reason is becuse your useing US wii/tv with a pal game
    you need to edit 'free regin' settings to play pal games

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    Ok, I'm very sorry, but I'm not sure what exactly to edit. Can you please give an example? Like, is there specific things?

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    i only play wii games thru disc and SD,so im not sure if SD ISO booting is supported with regin free stuff
    is there options with what your loading with?

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    in neogamma go to region options and set force video to ntsc.

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    In neo gamma r8 beta, in region options, force NTSC480p.

    Works good.

    BTW a buddy of mine says he got it to play off a dvd on his softmod only wii. He burned at 2.4x and used the fixed iso from wiisos.
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    Thank you so much! It works! Thanks!
    By the way, softmodded? That's different then homebrew I hear. Do you think it would work with homebrew?
    Like say I have the iso, burned it with imgburn and then used Neogamma to force it into NTSC, would it work?
    Only reason I hate playing on a SD card, is because I only have one and I want it to load homebrew channels.
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    I think you got your thoughts mixed up. Softmodding is when you mod your console via programs and firmware changes. For example: Installing the Homebrew Channel is Softmodding your wii. And your sd card does not load the homebew channel. Its holds the apps for the homebrew channel to run.
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    Oh. My friend told me differently. Oh well.
    But the bottom line is, if I use some special method of patching/burning/I don't know will I be able to run it?
    And yes. I know that it holds apps. But I nly have one,so I can only have one or the other you know? Unless I can burn it to a disk.
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