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Thread: Need help restoring 4.2 to factory state.

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    Need help restoring 4.2 to factory state.

    Hi folks.

    I was on 4.1 for a while with I believe cIOScorp 3.4 (I know, don't ever use it again), and wanted to wipe the Wii clean, since I did a whole bunch of things not understanding them 100% to get games to work (especially backed up games). I formatted the Wii and then updated to 4.2, or maybe the other way around, but didn't run cIOScorp uninstaller. Now I need help on restoring it to the factory IOS's for 4.2. The following is a list of the IOS's and versions installed on the Wii as reported by dop-IOS MOD v6 running off of IOS60, since that is the only one I can get to pull up (can't get v8 to run right):

    IOS4 v65280 (stub)
    IOS9 v65535
    IOS10 v768 (stub)
    IOS11 v65535
    IOS12 v65535
    IOS13 v65535
    IOS14 v65535
    IOS15 v65535
    IOS16 v512 (stub)
    IOS17 v65535
    IOS20 v65535
    IOS21 v65535
    IOS22 v65535
    IOS28 v65535
    IOS30 v1040
    IOS31 v65535
    IOS33 v65535
    IOS34 v65535
    IOS35 v65535
    IOS36 v65535
    IOS37 v65535
    IOS38 v65535
    IOS50 v65535
    IOS51 v4864 (stub)
    IOS53 v65535
    IOS55 v65535
    IOS56 v65535
    IOS57 v5661
    IOS60 v65535
    IOS61 v5405
    IOS70 v6687
    IOS222 v65280 (stub)
    IOS223 v65280 (stub)
    IOS249 v65280 (stub)
    IOS250 v65280 (stub)
    IOS254 v31338

    If I try to install an IOS (such as 36 or 50 or anything with v65535) with dop-IOS MOD v6, then I get an ES_Decrypt -1017 followed by hash Bad.

    I can only assume that the v65535 IOS's are the cIOScorp ones, since all the other ones match the latest version that dop-IOS MOD v6 wants to install.

    Sorry for the long post, but all I want to do is bring the Wii back to factory status and just be able to run backups. USB loader would be nice, but I won't expect too much.

    Oh also, the machine is an LU64.

    Thanks in advance for helping pretty much a dumb newb.

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    You can try the link in my sig for making your Wii a virgin, but i believe you would want to start with step 2 first. Do not try this until a MOD or another "qualified" person confirms this is safe.
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    Will wait for confirmation, but just to be sure I am on the same page: start with step B correct?

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    Yes, sorry for the confusion, lol. Sometimes i get scatter brained because I am usually helping in numerous posts at the same time.

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    I guess my question now is, if I get a modchip, will I need to worry about fixing all these IOSs or will everything just work?

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    No, even with a Mod Chip you still have to have the proper IOSs in the system for games to run properly.

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    Well, I started the process from step B, that went off without a hitch, but Any Title Deleter MOD does not work through IOS36, and it freezes on 249 and other IOS's.

    EDIT: I also tried to run cIOS downgrader from one of the pages in your post and it just freezes upon launch.
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    Ok, so I got it to work, I think and deleted the IOS's you described. I then was able to install the Internet Channel, which didn't work before with the cIOScorp stuff, so am I safe to assume that the Wii is as virgin as it will get? Also, before I buy a mod chip (which I want to do) is there a way to softmod it enough to play backups? Specificially GH5 and the like.

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    Of course, softmod plays with hardmod very well, and compliments each other perfectly. If you put a backup into the console does it still show up in the Disc channel [cause if it does then remnants of cIOSCORP are still present]. My recommendation is to never install cIOSCORP again, lol.

    As far as the softmod bit to just play backups [i'm assuming just through a disc and not USB], then alls you would need is the homebrew channel, a wad manager, and the correct IOSs for the games you would like to run.

    Any other questions/problems, don't hesitate to refer back to these forums

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    Yeah, the backed up games do not show up in the Disc Channel. So I just need to use the correct IOS for the game via your list or other means and then they should load? Sorry for the questions, even as crappy as cIOScorp was for the Wii, it sure made the whole process brainless. I will read up more of the forums though, to quit pestering with such fundamental questions. I do apreciate the open heartedness of the forum though, it is a refreshing change.

    Thanks again.

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