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Thread: Big problem help quick!!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Big problem help quick!!!!!!!!!!

    OK guy's here's the problem! I deleted IOS30 because A guide said that that's how you fix the hackmii installer from saying you have a venurable IOS so I did then it say use DOIP or something I did and it wont connect my wii mote so I was wondering how to fix it please I can access pre-loader no HBC and no system menu and the wii doesnt have wi-fi configured am I screwed GOD I hope NOT HOPEFULLY you wii hackers/experts can help me thanks!

    Heres a video:

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    You don't say what system firmware you are on. I guess you know now IOS's with 2 digits should never be removed. You could try installing ios30.
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    It's not IOS30 it's actually IOS36 and it isn't delete it's re-install. You should never delete any IOS under 200.

    You've removed your video so maybe you got it fixed.
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    ya I fixed it with the post on this form the bootmii but no NAD backup I used that to load wad manager 1.5 then installed IOS30 then IOS 60patched I think the system menu 4.1.wad


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