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Thread: Need help with my Drivekey and my D2C wii.

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    Need help with my Drivekey and my D2C wii.

    I installed the drivekey with no problem, so i fire it up for the first time to see if it works. i got the the wii menu with no problems a couple times. i kept turning it off and on a few times trying to get the drive situated back on the board. the third time i had it running on the WII menu i unplugged the mini avi adapter (wii was still powered) speakers on the tv popped a little bit like they usually do when u unplug a hot sound cable. i unplugged the power shortly after. so i got the drive situated and the shell about on. so i fire it up again and nothing on the tv, no sound no video. i have no idea whats wrong. i used a different working cable.... i checked the video fuse on the board. i believe FIL27. when i connect it to my phillips tv the side output the tv reads CVBS it doesnt when its not connected.. it always says that when i have something plugged into it. if anyone has any idea. or would like to look at it im willing to pay someone. i just dont want to go buy a new one...

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    Try unplugging the power brick for 30 min then plug it back on the wall outlet and fire it
    up ...see if that works for you... if not then i dont know what to tell you... sorry brother..


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