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Thread: IOS249 PROBLEMS (wiimote issues)...

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    Unhappy IOS249 PROBLEMS (wiimote issues)...

    Hey guys, I'm pretty familiar with all the Wii Modding and hacking but am barely getting my feet wet with the whole USB Loaders hype.

    Currently my Wii is a launch model with a YAOSM drive chip installed with the latest final hex. I've been doing great with games and homebrew (mainly emulators) and now that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is out, tried to brun it, and am having the same issues as everyone else with only 2 levels working, etc. So i created the patched version with the alternate dol and it refuses to boot now (obviously a good copy protection in action).

    So I figured that it's time I get into the USB loader way of getting this game to run but am a newb in the aspect of IOS upgrades and patching to get my SD/USB drive solution going. I was following all sorts of tutorials but have been stopped by one main issue:

    Anytime I try to use Wad Manager to install the necessary wads and IOS's and especially when it comes to installing the latest cIOS38_rev14, my wiimote keeps unsyncing, therefore allowing me not to do anything. I notice that all this happens when I try using IOS249 to run Wad Manager or cIOS installer.

    I must note that my Wii was originally running 3.1U (if that's the update that came with Mario Kart Wii) and kept it there most of the time. As newer games came out, I was able to successfully update IOS's to overcome the "Black Screen on game boot" issue. When the official 4.0U came out, I waited, and then used Waninkoko's 4.0 updater to get it there. That's as far as I've gotten with updating my wii.

    Now that I'm ready to set up a USB loader or SD card (got a 16gb waiting incase the USB Hdd is incompatible), I keep getting stuck not being able to install the latest wads necessary to get me on the right track to finally getting a chance to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I don't care for any other games much, just this one. Since my trusty YAOSM chip can't help me play it, I hope I can get any info as to why I can't get past the steps I need when my wiimote keeps unsyncing everytime I try to use IOS249 with Wad Manager 1.5 and in my attempts to install cIOS38_rev14. Thanks in advance!

    If there's any other steps I'm missing, please point them out! I honestly don't care much for softmodding my wii (unless i'm missing the point that it's necessary to achieve my goal) but can use any pointers as to how it will interact well with my YAOSM chip mod since I rely on YAOSM to boot my wii backups on disc.

    I have bootmii installed as Boot2 and IOS and have a NAND Backup should I need to restore. Thanks again, in advance!

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    I believe the unsynching of the Wiimote when trying to install Wads means that you need to run the Trucha Bug Restorer. My Wii was doing the same thing, and someone suggested this, but in my case, I was on 4.2 so the Trucha fix wasn't what I needed in the end.

    Check this guide:
    4.2U || BootMii beta 4 (boot2) || DVDx v2 || HBC 1.0.8 || cIOS 38 r17 || WiiFlow R254-249 Carbonik || Triiforce MRC SS || MPlayer CE 0.76 || WiiRadio 0.4
    Patriot 16GB SDHC Class 6 || 500GB Seagate 7200.10 in NexStar CX eSATA

    Triiforce MRC User Guide - How to Load Wii Ware from a USB Drive or SD Card

    Stomp_442's guide: How to install Hermes cIOS 202, 222, 223 and 224

    If you want to say thanks, say it with the Thanks button below!

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    Soft modding really compliments Hard Mods well, as you will have to load new IOSs in order to run the newer games. So by all means, get a tutorial and softmod away. Also there is a patched version of NSMBs [it's a NiTRO release] that you can find on most popular sites [bitsoup, bitgamer, and nTorrents] but as far as i am aware, you can only play the game properly through a USB/SD device [i could be totally wrong of course].

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    sorry if asking in wrong spot, i seem to have lost all knowledge on the topic but i used the 4.1 softmodguide a few months ago now and followed it to a T and now can't remember how to upgrade/install new IOS's onto my SD/Wii. I haven't had a problem really at all appart from i think Medal of Honour2 or something, but now super mario bros is out i cant just not worry about that but have looked through so many threads and all i do is seem to cunfuse myself... is use usb loaderGX and would really appreciate some help

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    Just get WiiScrubber, then get the game you want in ISO form. Open the game up with WiiScrubber, and you can extract the IOS out of the ISO. You then use Wad Manager to install the IOS.

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