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Thread: cannot play new games

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    cannot play new games

    Hi again i have a WiiDriveKey installed to play backup games, but recently found the HBC so have been playing around with that,
    My problem is i have D/L 2 newish games rabids go home and Family Game Night 2, when i burn them to disc using img burn i put the disc in and it loads in the disc channel but when i press start the screen just goes blank, i have read on here about iso`s and updating them but am not sure yet how to do this, i did try with Bootmii but that loads then just freezes.
    Can anyone shed any light on why these games wont load i use verbatim disc`s and always burn at x2. I have many other games that play fine just recently having probs..
    Many thanks.

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    I have the same problem on my Wii, but I use Neogamma R7 and they play fine when run through this, except for super mario brothers and sports resort.

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    Thanks adesf40 got that bit of software and all works great, but what is the point of having a chip installed if you cant play games with it seems a bit silly.
    I deff think softmod is the way to go.


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