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Thread: King of Newbies

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    King of Newbies

    I'm new to this scene and having read a lot in this section I have to say....I just don't get it. I don't think i ever will. I'm probably just thick. It seems to me that even the newbies in this section are pretty clued up. I've read some of the guides and whilst they explain lots of things ........I still don't get it.
    All i want to do is to play "backed up" games. It seems to me that in order to achive that I need to be an expert in computing. Is that right ? Maybe I should quit now cos I can just about type the keyboard. Is there a idiots guide tothe idiots guide that answers questions like "if i just want to plug and play a disc what do i need the homebrew channel for ?" The real simple stuff , so simple that my wife could understand.

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    Better for you to get a modchip perhaps. That way you can just put in the disc and play. Just don't update to 4.2. It'll cost you a little though. Some interesting developments in the modchip scene too with Wode and Wiikey Fusion, bringing the benefits of softmod to the hardmod world.

    You will need to find a modchip site and enter your Wii serial nunber to check which modchip would be best for your Wii.

    Not that difficult really, I managed as a complete novice a few months back when finding a Wiikey2 before I went softmod.

    If you need further help with that do let us know, we are more of a softmod site at the moment but sometimes we can go hardmod.

    You don't need to be very good with computers to softmod though. This tutorial has you download an archive which you drop directly to an SD card, easy peasy.
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    ok, i will explain

    mod chips may be for you, but if you don't want to spend a thing then here it is...

    1. you need home brew channel (this is because the backup loader runs on it and its the main space for most all homebrew.

    you can install HBC with the hackmii installer found on the wiibrew wiki. if you don't have 4.2 i recommend using banner bomb.

    2.once you have the homebrew channel it is an option to install the homebrew browser (only if you want additional homebrew) need to have cios on your wii there is a guide on this site called "how to get cios on ANY wii. follow it

    4.Once you have cios installed download your launcher, and install the app by copying the application folder in to the "apps" folder on your sd card.

    5. insert your burned disc and play it

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    I 3rd the modchip method. These tutorial are pretty easy and dummified as it is. So if your having a problem understanding it then it goes to say DON'T do something your not comfortable in doing.

    If you want to get some kind of understanding here are a few links to get you up to snuff:


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