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i hope i am in the right place, if not my sincere apologies, some areas it appears you can't post and others you can, Admin / Mods, if this is in the wrong place can someone move me to the correct place please thanks.

Ok here go's, i purchased a hardmodded pc two years ago this feb for my lad, we have had great fun with it and it is still going well (touch wood)
i was curious which chip it has and since the NSMB game came out, i have wondered is my wii up to date?
I understand there are new encryption issues with NSMB and i am also aware of the different solutions to play the game ie USB/SD etc.
I have not softmodded the wii and don't intend to at present with a seven and two year old, this could potentially be the recipe for disaster messing with stuff they don't know about.
I am currently on 4.2e with the latest update, and the wii still plays the backed up games.
My question is how do i know what chip i have and is there a setting i can go into on the wii to see this?
and if so, can i update my firmware if it needs updating? basically all i want to do is ensure i am fully up to date to ensure the latest back ups play, after two years i am aware how much wii's have come on, and a lot of people finding all sorts out about them, i understand people saying if it ain't broke don't fix it, i just think its high time i was on board a bit more with what we currently have in our wii, any help or info is very much appreciated.
Kind Regards