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Thread: DVD vs SD vs HDD vs USB Flash?

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    DVD vs SD vs HDD vs USB Flash?

    Hi, I've been looking around and it seems to be that HDD/SD/FLASH are better than DVDs because of their speed, time consumption, memory usage, and (error free). For my backups, should I just keep them in DVD form or buy a HDD and format it to use the WBFS manager? I was planning to buy the WD MyBook Essentials 1TB. I was planning to do a USB Flash drive with 16GB or so since it's much more portable and less storage space, but there are so many programs out there to use it with. And all I have installed is the BootMii and HBC and Neogamma7 without preloader. I know NG7 can upload them, so I might just stick with that.

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    Not really sure what your question is... Are you asking how to prepare a usb device, or asking if that's the route to go? Its really up to you if you're asking the latter.

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    overall, I'm asking which would be the better choice, and safest/smoothest, to backup my games without any worries using softmod out of all the possible storages available.

    also, burning an already backup game wouldn't ruin the first backup would it?

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    Personally I use wanikoko's usdloader v1.5 to back them up onto a thumb drive then put them onto my pc as zipped iso's untill I need to reburn them. I've never tried to back up a backup before but there is no way it could ruin your origional backup. I run off dvds usually but am really thinking about getting a hard drive cause it IS a lot easier. Also you won't have to buy dvds. Hope this helps. Good luck!


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