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Thread: Drivekey v3.0 plays originals, hangs on iso backups

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    Question Drivekey v3.0 plays originals, hangs on iso backups

    I recently installed my drivekey and borrowed games from a buddy. They didn't work. They were burnt on DVD+R, so I simply copied the disc to a -R and they worked fine. The same guy gave me 6 iso files to burn, and I've tried 6 different games with both Nero and imgburn, tried varied speeds, vairified discs and non. Everything I burn has the same problem. The disc appears to be loading (spinning cd) and then the cursor disappears. I have to eject the disc, and hold the power button to kill the wii. WTF am I doing wrong? Any help/suggestions appreaciated at this point.

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    Angry In addition

    Just a side note, I have installed the drivekey in a friends wii as well, with identical results. Lots of blackscreen errors, and some hangups.

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    Sounds like a burning issue, use only dvd-r and burn at slower speeds. Also if they are games for your region they may need updates applied to work, thats usually what black screen and hangup is. Make sure allow updates for YOUR region is clicked on in the drivekey setup menu. Just never allow updates for out of region games.

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