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Thread: New to the forum, New to the Wii. Asking for advices.

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    New to the forum, New to the Wii. Asking for advices.

    Hello !
    I would like some advice if it's possible

    So I'm European and I'm thinking about buying a japanese Wii with a game that will be release soon, the tales of graces bundle to be exact.

    But ! even if I have notions in japanese I would be happy to play Us, or European games in some cases. (In fact I really like japanese voices, so I'm used to play jap versions and some game stay only available in Japan...)

    And, I saw the possibility of region changing.

    Since I can't know the firmware and all If I don't have the system, Is there anything you would recommend to me for playing games from different regions without too many problems ?
    Even if it's buying an other Wii than the one in the bundle...

    I'm just interested in the free region, not really in running games backup.
    I hope it's possible.

    Thanks and sorry for the bothering.

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    If you only want to play out of region games install the homebrew channel, then use the gecko os to launch your games.
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    Thanks a lot for the really quick answer !

    I'll do some research to be ready when I have it

    I assume it is possible to install homebrew channel and gecko os whatever the Wii system is (firmware and all).
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