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Thread: Wasabi Zero - Black screen after start

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    Wasabi Zero - Black screen after start


    Hoping you can help a bit of a noob here. I've been searching and reading threads here for the past hour or two but I'm only getting more confused.

    My Wii is running 3.2U and I have a Wasabi Zero installed that has been set to NOT to block domestic updates. Yesterday I bought a retail version of Lego Rockband for my sons birthday this weekend and I wanted to run it to create a custom character for him, but when I run the game (click start) the screen goes black and stays black. Only powering off will get me out.

    From what I've found while searching today I need to upgrade the system through a backdoor method, but I've either not found the tutorial for this or I did, but didn't realize it when I saw it. All the talk about the ios, cios, wads, etc., have me confused since I'm not up on this stuff. My husband is usually the one to handle this but he's out of town until the weekend and I wanted to get this done for Saturday morning. We do have HBC loaded and Gamma something or other but I'm not sure of the versions.

    Can someone please be so kind as to point me to the proper tutorial to get this done so I can run Lego RB?

    Thanks tons guys.


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    Hey Christie,

    The simplest solution for you, and one of my new favorites is a program called AnyRegionChanger. I made a guide for installing New Super Mario Bros (also on this subforum) so I'm going to lift the part that uses AnyRegionChanger out and just paste it in here, so excuse the numerical inconsistencies:

    3.) Run AnyRegionChanger.
    4.) When you get to the menu, choose “Install System Menu 3.2”.
    5.) When asked if you’re sure, choose yes.
    6.) If asked if you want Korean Disc Support, choose no.
    7.) When it asks if you want System Menu Hacks, choose yes.
    8.) When everything finishes, press any key and it will take you to its menu again.
    9.) Restart your Wii

    The program is called AnyRegionChanger because it's designed to let you install foreign regions onto your Wii, but that isn't all it does. When used with its defaults (and when saying you want system menu hacks) it keeps your 3.2U firmware (good) but updates all your IOS - system files - to run new games.

    In order to run it, download it here, extract that to its own folder under the apps folder on your SD card, (for example, put it on /apps/anyregion), and rename the .dol file to boot.dol. Hopefully that isn't confusing. After you do those steps, just follow from my numerical list and let it work its magic. When your Wii is restarted, everything should be up-to-date.

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    would you need homebrew or the likes installed as well or will this run on its own

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    You could add gecko os to you hbc apps, disable the update block in your chip, then load the game in gecko os. It should prompt you to install any ios needed from the disk, but skip any system menu updates. When your done, enable the update block on the chip.

    @botulismo, does this method with anyregionchanger support other system menu versions?
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    Mauifrog, as far as I know AnyRegionChanger is designed to get you downgraded (and your IOSes upgraded) with menu 3.2, whatever your region, so I don't think it would be compatible with other versions.

    You can use DOP-IOS to update your IOS files. There are some lists out there but I can't seem to find them, but if I do find one of them I'll post it to this thread.


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