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Thread: Question Running Backups

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    Question Running Backups


    I'm somewhat new to the whole modding thing but I will explain this the best that I can.

    I softmodded my Wii using BootMii and have the homebrew channel installed. I followed the FAQ regarding this.

    I burned a game using IMGBurn on a Verbatim DVD-R, the game is Medieval Games. When I put the game in and use NeoGamma to run it, it does in fact play but it plays extremely sluggish. Huge load times. I've burnt another game but I can't get that one off of the screen that says you need to clear the area of any surroundings and it won't load past that.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    This happens mostly because you are burning the discs at the max speed they can offer. Try burning them with a speed lower than half of its max.

    And btw, dvd copies are read at 3x, not as regular originals that are read at 6x, meaning bigger loading times and lag in the gameplay. Try playing an iso from a sd/usb loader better. It will then be even faster than 6x.


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