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Thread: IOS Patcher + USB Loader GX?

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    IOS Patcher + USB Loader GX?

    Recently i converted to using USB Loader GX and i LOVE IT! I used NeoGamma r7 before but didnt like the slow disc read speed.

    When i used NeoGamma before, i would patch all my games using IOS Patcher and set all my games IOS to 249 and then i would use WiiUR_v1.0 afterwards.

    Now my question is, if im using USB Loader GX Now, is it still necessary for me to patch the IOS of the games im using to 249 like i would normally do?

    Currently my specs, usage, and settings are as such:
    FW 4.1u
    cIOS Rev 14

    USB Loader GX rev815
    Installed Hermes cIOS222 > 38
    cIOS223 > 38 merged to 37
    cIOS202 > 38 merged to 60

    Vid Mode: Disc
    VIDTV Patch: Off
    Patch Country: Off
    Global boot mode: IOS 222
    Error 002 Fix: No
    Alt DOL: Default
    Block IOS Reload: Off

    Please correct me if i am wrong anywhere in my usage/setting of USB Loader GX Thanks guys!

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    no you won't need to patch your games. usbloadergx allows you to choose which ios you want to load your game, as you've seen.

    you can set the global settings for default settings. and if they won't work, you can change the settings for each offending game.


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