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Thread: Wii not working all the time

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    Wii not working all the time

    Hi all

    This is the situation. I had a brand new Wii, and it has been fitted with a
    D2C key. The Wii has been working like a dream for the last month. On thursday, I finally got around to connecting it to the internet to upgrade it.

    Now it does not work on backup games (Unable to read the disc) and you have to turn the power on and off a dozen times or more to get it to work on the original games. Finally you get it to work (with the original), but then you try and load another game straight away, and you go through the whole process again of turning it off and on again.

    Has anyone come across this problem before? Is there a solution. There is a guy who can probably fix it, but it means posting it to him, and getting it posted back - if its just a case of tweaking something, or changing settings, I'd like to try doing it myself. Would it be a problem with the chip???

    Thanks for any help

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    My opinion would be a prob with the chip....

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    I am not sure but are you supposed to update your chip through the internet??

    Maybe that is the problem......

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    I think it just updated the Wii, not the chip. I did ask at the time if you could update the wii once a chip had been fitted, and the general opinion was that it would be ok.

    Is there any way of telling if it is the chip thats faulty?? Another website that came up when I searched google said it might be the laser - but its a brand new machine, so could it be that?

    Would it be best to just send it off to someone to be serviced and see if they know what the problem is???



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