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Thread: Some games not working

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    Some games not working

    Hi guys, not sure if this is the right forum. I've had a d2pro9 solderless chip for about a year and it works great. Thing is it seems that games that used to work don't anymore. Some games still do work. I tried the disc in a buddies machine and they work no problem. If i reburn a game it seems to work. I've backed up a couple gamecube games and they work for a while and then the game freezes. Another goofy thing is my non-scratched Wii Sports no longer works. Does this sound like a problem with my chip or with my drive? I'm a little stumped because the system seems to work for the most part. Thanks for the help

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    Since the games work in your friends wii, and when they are freshly burned they work in your wii, it sounds like it could be your drive. Try laying the wii horizontal, see if that helps. If it is the drive and it gets worse you may need to replace it, or softmod and use usbloading, or upgrade your chip to the new wode for usb as well.
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    I am having the same problem right now. Mario kart and Sport Resort do not work anymore but all other games still do. Hope someone can shed some light.

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    Are the games all in the same region?.If your system is running 4.2 your chip will no longer be "region free".The D2pro chip has been discontinued so i would not expect an update for games such as NSMB.As stated in other replies here it could be your drive.Is the chip on a clip or hard wired?.


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