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Thread: problem with preloader

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    Exclamation problem with preloader


    today while trying to install the softmii v2.1.1, it require to install the preloader..... which i did. but now the problem is whenever i select from bootmii or try 2 exit hombrew from the bootmii, it loads the preloader and there is no way to exit the loader without turning of the wii.

    Now i cant get to my wii menu at all.

    is there a way that i can uninstall the preloader from the wii?

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    You can change the settings in preloader so that it AutoBoots into the System Menu instead of preloader.

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    i tried to do that but it couldnt let me, it said that i could not be found, but i looked up a video on youtube that fixed it and it even downgraded my wii from 4.0u to 3.2u with wad manager.

    It worked perfectly!!!!!

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    thanks for your effort


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