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    now, before i get flamed, hear me out!

    i know that cheating is very much frowned upon on this forum, rightly sow. especially when it comes to fps or other online games. takes the fun out of the game, not saying that all.

    however... lots of rpgs, and action games, hell. anything with a storyline; i can see cheating. just to advance the game, get the story, and just see how it progresses. more for the "what happens" then to circumvent how the game is played.

    jmtc. =]

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    cheating is awsome
    cheating allows brawl+
    cheating is good when your sick of a game (wheither you beat it or not ;D)

    but yea,cheating online is lame

    althru inf blue shells is a ROIT LOL

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    I have young kids, cheating is great for them. Cheating online is wrong and if you do it you deserve every bad thing that is coming your way in life.
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    It's just too much fun NOT to cheat online
    and im not cheating to do any better
    i'll be shooting blue shells all day but i make sure i get last place

    If someone helps you,remember to thank them!


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