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Thread: *Official* Call of Duty Modern Warfare Friend Codes Here

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    Smile *Official* Call of Duty Modern Warfare Friend Codes Here


    Post friend codes, I will assemilate them each day into a list.

    Once you add someone, PM them to add you

    List as such
    Wiihacks login, COD MW call sign, Friend code

    Jaydoc05, Stroke, 0100-2617-7217

    Lets start a friend code list here and then add clan interests to that other thread.

    Update 2/07/10 thru pg 12

    Stroke: 0100-2617-7217
    =TRICK=: 1451-8867-1005
    N!nja T0m: 2419-2491-3727
    H1N1: 2768-5236-7575
    TacticalNuke: 5122-7727-9394
    dmlord: 0744-0343-4498
    daringharry: 0120-5173-5028
    Mii-Wii'd: 3500-2731-0575
    Favs: 2574-2227-0558
    roachclip: 0767-0435-9956
    420: 1731-3008-1725
    barbarian: 3363-3423-6387
    JO3K (UK): 2764-9907-1970
    myAss: 2524-2417-3383
    ryanovope: 5286-8762-2205
    doright 06: 4577-5192-30352 (too many numbers, needs to be corrected)
    Wii Sniper: gave the COD WAW number, was that a typo?)
    WTF - 75: 4044-5485-7808
    Diablx: 4986-5131-1635
    .:STRESS:.: 1833-5879-0098
    Numon: 1634-7174-1011
    Sindiewen: 2080-0425-4028
    Cheesy: 1817-9457-0100
    Jmood126: 2836-5652-6436
    TANGO 420: 0321-0284-1612
    5Socks5: 2618-4651-0284
    BSM911: 0494-4203-4948
    Z[/cepick]S: 0449-4196-8079
    MarcoPolo: 4827-7497-8544
    SW1Steve: 5220-4913-9259
    Mickasho: 1833-1860-3897
    chi: 6137 2821 8667
    Marine One: 5137-2547-4229
    nanya: 2087-4305-4643
    SC(+)PE: 1061-1708-5221
    Lycon: 1581-5371-7362
    attakujackuh: 4423-6010-2039
    N.injallo: 1094-3269-2089
    OwO: 0816-0723-5380
    Skinney: 2039-7408-9977
    ThiefGold: 0701-0447-8380
    Joelv6: 3630-0392-9059
    BROWNPRIDE: 0716-5045-5826
    A Fury Rabit: 2347-4942-0369

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    Thumbs up

    [sarcasm] Hey, way to undermine my *Original* thread. Kudos! [/sarcasm]


    I will add you jaydoc.
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    [QUOTE=Trick1;180636][sarcasm] Hey, way to undermine my *Original* thread. Kudos! QUOTE]

    Sorry dude,

    If anyone is like me I get a little apprehensive signing up for a clan.
    My wife won't let me play on a scheduled basis. I have to sneak in some time whenever I can.
    Don't get me wrong, I play about 1-2h per day, but I cannot follow a schedule which may be required in a clan.

    I am good, my ratio in COD WAW is 1.06 prestige 3 level 20s (I think).

    I took a 6 month hiatus from that game partially because of feeling guilty that I had to join technique of the run in circles and spray with an mp40.

    I really want to develop control with a rifle but you just cannot compete otherwise. (at least in WAW)

    See you online,

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    This thread, I will not let die.

    Come on, I know people have this game,

    put your friend codes in already

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydoc05 View Post
    This thread, I will not let die.

    Come on, I know people have this game,

    put your friend codes in already
    N!nja T0m: 241924913727
    ADD ME! im adding u guys ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trick1 View Post
    [sarcasm] Hey, way to undermine my *Original* thread. Kudos! [/sarcasm]


    I will add you jaydoc.
    add me too! 41924913727

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    i added all above and willing to add anyone who askes me.

    2768-5236-7575 (friend code)

    see u online

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    Later I will summarize each entry edited on my first post. Each new poster can add right down the list and old posters can continually update their friend list by checking the updated list daily.


    First post with FC's to date
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    Nice idea! I'll add my friend code in a few hours when I get home :P

    Ranevik, TacticalNuke, 512277279394
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    i have it & you know i was good jaydoc i had a ratio of 1.28 prestige 2 i'll jnly add old wiihacks friends that i added in waw stroke & jaydoc

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