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Thread: Black Screen. I know its an IOS but cant find it

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    Black Screen. I know its an IOS but cant find it

    Trying to play mario party 8 off usb loader gx.
    Anyone know what ios im missing and where to find it?

    Also when I burnt a game it loaded in neogamma in black and white and the screen size was off, can i change that and how do i fix the color? I was burning on 2x and verified on.

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    If you try loading an out of region game without changing the loaders settings, it will play in black/white. If your using neogamma, go into region settings and change force region from disc to wii. To find out what ios a game uses, go to search and type in "what ios games use" or go to tutorial section. I think its in there now also.
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    Thanks this helps me out a bit too!


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