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    Ca furstrated

    Hey all,

    being very new to the gaming scene I find myself extremely frustrated with the set up of my new wii.
    I have watched several vids some better than others with limited success.
    I have updated to 4.2 and find that, being my biggest mistake.

    I have followed the guide posted on this site and although it is by far the most informative I still have had no success, other than installing the homebrew channel.

    Sad to say I will be seeking the help of a young expert in my area and pay for there service.

    Thanks to all.


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    Well first off, don't give up hope. Secondly what part is not going "as planned". Are you getting error messages? what system menu are you on and what guide are you using? You should exhaust all posibilities of doing it yourself before you throw money away on something that can most definately be done yourself. I'm more than happy to give as much help as i possibly can. There are also several MODs and very qualified people that can also lend their help.

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    Thanks for the quick response to my post.
    I will get anything from freezing, black screen,to loading the homebrew channel.
    I will still try and work at it a bit longer.
    The guide I'm using is the 4.2 guide on the sites is quite good.
    I must be missing something or ??

    thanks oldwii

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    Just read through the guide a few time and understand what you are going to do. Do it step by step exactly, and if anything unexpected happens stop and post your troubles here with as many details as possible. That should be the only guide you need, and it is everything you would pay for.
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.


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