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Thread: Unable to read Gamecube discs

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    Unable to read Gamecube discs

    My Wii can run Wii games and backups, but can't read any Gamecube discs. I just get the "Unable to Read Disc" error screen.

    I looked through the forums, but couldn't find an answer.

    Also, my Homebrew channel always encounters an error when attempting to update, and often freezes in a sort of glitched out loading screen when I boot my console.

    Maybe the two problems are related?

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    I don't think they are related, Gamecube discs need mIOS [and i think DVDx to be able to read DVDs but i am unsure of this] to run properly, as far as the homebrew channel, a lot of people have problems updating it. i don't know if it's a regional problem or a hardware problem. Oh yea and you also need a Gamecube Backup Launcher [i'm not 100% sure if NeoGamma can load Gamecube games]

    here is Gamecube backup launcher and mIOS:
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