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Thread: Call Of Duty World At War Online?

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    Call Of Duty World At War Online?

    O.K. so im running a softmodded 4.0 NTSC wii with neogamma .3 on there. I put in the burned COD WAW disk and the game works perfectly but... when i tried going online, despite the fact that i connected with several other games before, the game won't connect. Either i get an error code saying that it can't connect and i need to check my internet settings, which i know are fine because i tried MK Wii which is also burned and it works fine, or it says it can't connnect to the servers and that i should try in a couple of minutes or something, and that doesnt work either, anyone know whats up?

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    what backup loader are you using, gamma 0.3 is different than NeoGamma

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    O.K. So i just updated to Neogamma R7 but i tried it again and it still doesn't work
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    I have had this type of problem with a few other games before.

    Are you running a router? If so then reset it. this seems to work for me.

    I have noticed that this seems to happen at high traffic times and i believe that it's just too many people trying to connect. As you have said you can get on with other games before and you have checked your settings and they are all ok.

    Once i have reset my router and then waited for a bit everything works ok and i can connect.

    hope this might help.

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    but if i reset my router would that reset all my portforewards and other settings + passwords?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roshamboe View Post
    but if i reset my router would that reset all my portforewards and other settings + passwords?
    That would be a HARD reset, as in restore all factory setting.

    I believe he meant just reset it, as in turn it off and on again. You wont loose any settings/port forwarding that way.

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    K thankx ill try that


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