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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    Hey, i have softmodded my wii, i have been trying to get preloader working, somehow i have managed to do something and i cant get any other homebrew to launch, i cant access the system menu, but i can access bootmii through the homebrew channel. when i try to restore my nand backup i get an error?

    My bootmii is installed as IOS not boot2

    checking boot2...
    bootmii was not found it is to dangerous to continue, if your SD id corrupt or restore you will not be able to boot to fix it

    is it save to continue?

    thanks in advance

    Edit i restored my nand, all good :P
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    scatter hold reset while powering the wii on ... preloader should come up go to systemhacks change autoboot to systemmenu... save settings DONE

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    If you back up your nand, you're more than safe so you can installed what instruction been told @ the tutorial wii softmod.

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    Thanks for the info, i restored my nand so its all good now, preloader wasnt working for me all i kept getting was cannot find hacks.ini either FAT or nand, then when i tried to go to system menu it was say that the ES_DIVerify was invalid even though i used a patched ios 60...
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