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Thread: Issues with soft modding

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    Issues with soft modding

    I have attempted to softmod my jap wii that has a wiikey modchip and it has worked but i had a couple of issues .

    I went forward onto the next screen and missed the backup part can i still back up the wii re NAND where can i do this if possible.

    Also the cios let me put in the first one but i could not load iois36 and ios38 can i redo these?

    i have the homebrew channel loaded ok.

    thanks to all that reply

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    do you have BootMii loaded as boot2 or as an IOS. You could always try and re-install those cIOSs if need be. But always make sure you have some kind of brick protection before attempting things that can possibly brick your Wii.

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    i have bootmii loaded as boot2 does this mean i can still do a backup?

    on the second point do you feel it is to risky now then to reload the cios?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ham View Post
    i have bootmii loaded as boot2 does this mean i can still do a backup?

    on the second point do you feel it is to risky now then to reload the cios?

    yes, you can backup at any time, do that first, then your safe if anything goes wrong.

    Installing the ios's or cIOS's will be fine.

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    how will i do the back up

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    BACK UP YOUR NAND dogeggs

    Making a NAND backup with Bootmii is highly recommended, it will recover your Wii from 99.9% of bricks.
    Use the same SD card you used to install Bootmii and make sure there is at least 530mb free on it.
    Bootmii is very fussy about what SD cards it uses, so avoid generic ones and try and use a Sandisk or similar.

    a) Put the SD card into the Wii, if you installed Bootmii as boot2 then it will load, if it is installed as an IOS go to the Homebrew Channel, press 'home' on your wiimote and select 'Launch Bootmii'.

    b) Use the power/reset/eject buttons to navigate the Bootmii menu and select the icon with the gears on it. If those buttons don't work then you will have to use a Gamecube controller.

    c) Now select the icon with a green arrow pointing from the chip to the SD card and follow the on screen instructions.

    D) In about 10 mins you will have a NAND backup, it is normal to have up to 80 bad blocks so don't worry if you get some.

    e) Put the SD card into PC and copy the NAND backup somewhere safe, you can now delete it from your card. If you installed Bootmii as boot2 then also copy the Bootmii folder to your PC and either delete or rename it, otherwise it will load every time you switch your Wii on.
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    Thumbs up Thank you all on this great forum

    Thank you to all who replied to my messages.
    I now have homebrew on my wii and backups are playing fine having loaded neo gammer.

    What a great forum with helpful members


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