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Thread: Ripping wii games via usb loader gx?

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    Ripping wii games via usb loader gx?

    I have read that its possible to rip wii games by using "usb loader", but I dont know exactly what one has to do. I know there are many tutorials out there showing how to use the features in Usb Loader, but I havent seen one saying exactly what do you need to do step by step in order to rip an original wii disc of its contents.
    Do I just load usb loader ( usb loader gx version maybe? ), then I just put a wii disc into the wii, and a menu will appear telling me what buttons should I press to rip it? Do I need to download certain files in order to make this work?
    I have cios38rev14 on a 4.0U system.

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    I forgot to write a feedback. Thankyou for the reply. It really helped me!
    Thx =D


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